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Lord Of The Drinks Forum: A CP Favourite, Now In Epicuria


    With its upper floor up and running, Epicuria has added quite a few gems to the already awesome restaurants that it boasts of and one of them is Lord of the Drinks Forum. A Connaught Place favourite, the restaurant takes the original vibe and makes it better!

    Chow Down

    Lords Giant Grilled Chicken Burger, Rosemary Crusted Aloo Chaat

    Sip On

    Peach Mojito, Vodka and Rose Chuski

    Winning For

    This place wins big when it comes to the space and the overall Game of Thrones style appeal. Credits go to the mixologist for the incredible drinks, {the food is great too!} Another plus here is that one can spot the illuminated Lotus Temple from its al fresco dining area during the evenings.

    Iron Throne and Edison Bulbs

    So this place has probably the best recreation of the Iron Throne from GoT! Edison Bulbs illuminate the area and the use of spot lighting behind the plush sofas add to the overall feel. Bare brick walls, a plush bar and a DJ console {that usually has a great DJ behind it} are uppers here too!

    The al fresco area is pretty good too. You get a good view of the Nehru Place market which generally is lit up with colourful lights, the seating is comfortable and you can spot the Lotus temple. {They could use fans out there, as it gets pretty hot}.

    Spicy, Tangy And Super Delicious

    So, a common observation with the menu here is that it offers world food, but most dishes have a strong, spicy flavour or a tangy, sweet mix {which is great because it maintains a theme}. The mixologist gets extra credit for a range of well prepared concoctions that are bound to keep you coming back.

    We started by ordering the vodka and rose chuski, the peach mojito and Crispy Prawn Stix. The drinks were refreshing and were presented really well; and the prawns were spiced and crisped perfectly.

    We moved on to order the Lords Giant Grilled Chicken Burger, and hummus with pita and chicken shashlik with a portion of rosemary-crusted aloo chaat. The burger was juicy and had fresh veggies, and the hummus and pita were very well portioned. The rosemary crusted aloo chaat definitely took the cake with its Delhi street style flavour with its sour & sweet chutney.

    The sheeshas here are also made with care and changing the coal isn’t a problem.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    Lords of the Drinks Forum has potential to be an Epicuria favourite. There is nothing that we disliked here, and it is rather efficient how they deal with people on crowded days and manage to not have you wait for so long.