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    Public Speaking Makes You Nervous? Overcome Your Fear & Meet Cool Strangers With This Community's Meet-Ups

    Nitya posted on 17 April

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    The LoudSpeakers is a Delhi-based community that’s helping people overcome the fear of public speaking. By way of weekly meet-ups and group discussions, this community provides individuals a safe space to upscale and express themselves. And in case you were wondering, it’s all free!


    Bye-Bye Stage Fright

    If giving presentations or even just pitching ideas to a group of people is one of your worst nightmares, you know the fear of public speaking is real. A solution to this? The LoudSpeakers.

    Started by Abhijeet Jain, this community brings together people from across the city and from different backgrounds with the intention to help them improve their communication skills and at the same time, helps them meet new individuals.

    Here’s how this works: Details about the meet-ups are posted on their Facebook page and to ensure that each session doesn’t last too long and proceeds comfortably, only the first 10 people to sign up are invited. The meet-ups, which usually happen in public places {read Central Park}, begin with ice-breaker sessions, followed by individual speeches. Each person can come prepared with a short speech or a poem on a topic of their choice. Once all the individuals have performed their pieces, everyone shares anonymous feedback for each other {on a piece of paper}.

    This is followed by a group discussion on a topic chosen by the good folks at The LoudSpeakers, post which, the group usually goes out for coffee together.

    Over time, these meet-ups not only equip you to become more confident, but, with every event, you can broaden your horizon, make new friends and just express yourself better. Plus, public speaking courses can be expensive but LoudSpeakers’ meet-ups are an affordable and adorable way to overcome your fear.

    So, We're Saying...

    If sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat and always imagining the worst {that you’ll tumble and fall on your way to the podium} before a presentation are concerns that might seem all too familiar to you, this public speaking community is exactly what you need.

    The meet-ups {typically two hours long} happen in the evening every weekend and registrations for the same start on Tuesdays at 7 pm. Since slots are filled on a first come-first-served basis, we recommend that you hit them up here ASAP.

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