Love Asian Food? Stock Up On Authentic Ingredients At Seela Food Mart & Cook It Yourself

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Tucked in a corner of South Point Mall, Seela Food Mart has everything you need to make a hearty Japanese {or Korean} meal at home

Go Ga Ga Over Ramen

Some stores are blink and you miss it unless you’re an Asian expat, because that’s exactly who you’ll find at Seela Food Mart in South Point Mall. From Miso paste to Asian curry pastes and vats {yes, vats} of kimchi, there’s more than everything you need for a noodle bowl. They have readymade rice cakes, steamed udon noodles, nori for topping and a variety of dried mushrooms as well. We always splurge on their pre-cut fish for sushi and sashimi.

The stock of meats here is stellar, from a variety of pork cuts like ribs, chops and steaks to cold cuts like bacon and ham. They also stock buff: minced, shredded and steak cuts that make for an awesome topping or side for a meal in a bowl. Speaking of bowls, do pick up a black stoneware ramen bowl and chopstick stands to add to your crockery collection.

For vegetarians, go straight to the fridge for the pre-fried and ready-to-eat tofu which makes for an awesome snack. All the sauces you could possibly need from dark and light soy to mirin, teriyaki and oyster are neatly lined up waiting to be in your basket!

Too Lazy To Cook?

If the prospect of cooking is too much of a hassle, Seela is heaven for the lazy or the busy {or both!}; they have one of the best collection of ready-to-cook meals. From seaweed soups to curry and rice meals, it’s all there and, if you’re a instant noodle fiend. then this is heaven. They have prawn, chicken, spicy, curry, tom yum, you name it and it’s there. Add starters to your noddle binge and pick up prawn wafers that are ready-to- eat or frozen wonton sheets and a can of filling to steam (or fry) a platter while the noodles cook!

So, We're Saying...

Shop Asian gourmet ingredients at this hidden gem of a store.


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