Love Botanical Drawings? This Book Gives You Access To 265 Digital Files As Well!

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265 Vintage Botanical Illustration

What Makes It Awesome?

I'm obsessed with botanical drawings. I've been on the lookout for botanical prints for a while, and stumbled upon this "book" (more like a magazine), that gives you access to digital files of all the botanical prints that are in the magazine.

First off, the prints in this book are stunning! From ferns to flowers, palms to wild roses, lillies... You name it, it's got a bunch to look at and choose from (I've added a few pictures for you to browse through as well).

The BEST PART! The first page of the book has a username and password; you can log onto to their website and download high resolution versions of all of the prints in the book, I'm getting a bunch of them printed and framed to put up at home.

The book's for close to INR 1800 if I remember correctly; but that for a book (magazine to be honest) and 265 high res files? Totally worth it!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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