Sway To Salsa Or Bounce To Bollywood: We Found 5 Perfect Dancing Spots In Delhi

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If there’s one thing Delhiites love doing, it’s having a good time. Blessed with some of the best clubs in the country, we’ve listed our favourite places to head out for a night of dancing in Delhi.

Summer House Cafe

Their numerous gigs and visiting international DJs make Summerhouse one of the most fun places in the city to go for a night of dancing. If you’re into techno music, you should definitely stop by for their intense gigs here. The vibe is great and they have all kinds of music through the week to groove to {their gigs are usually over the weekends}. So pick a day and take your crew over. They often have performances by BoxoutFM, Pagal Sound, SHFT amongst others. We recommend you order their mai tai, it certainly packs a punch.


Another favourite in the city, PCO is open till the wee hours of the morning, so you can literally spend the night dancing away. Their bartender prepares excellent cocktails {try their whisky sour} and fantastic DJ, this place is always packed. DJ Apoorv’s non-stop house music will keep you on your feet till 4.00 am. They’re very exclusive; so make sure you know the password to get in. We suggest you go in a large group, the area around isn’t that well lit.


Beverage, Entertainment And Dining, this place is pretty fancy and a lot of fun to just let your hair down. Even if you’re not in the mood to shake a leg, their hip-hop music will change your mind. Their resident DJ, Kaushal Khandel plays some sick Their food and cocktails are excellent, try their old fashioned. Head over for a night of non-stop dancing into the early hours of the morning. Based out of GK 1’s M Block Market, the area is pretty safe, so you can go have a good time.


You can never go wrong with Raasta, no matter what night of the week it is, their dance floor is always buzzing. Another place which has some of the city’s best gigs, go here for a night of head banging to their heavy metal and EDM. Their Wednesday nights are the best, with DJ Karma. They’ve had artists like Smokey Live, Killwish and Reggae Rajahs perform in the past. On other nights, they play your regular fun, pop music. Definitely one of our favourite places to go dancing.When it comes to cocktails, we recommend you try their electric iced tea.


When in doubt, head over to Social. HKV, Def Col or Nehru Place, Social always has great music, besides their food and alcohol. They’re only into pop music and their DJs are well versed with the latest hits and some sick remixes. They’ve had performances by artists such as Meraki, Axon and DJ Pritish. Go for their LIITs and hit the dance floor with ease.


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