Gaming, or playing games, is fast emerging as one of the biggest entertainment industries around the world, and in our city too, the fever is fast catching on. Many gaming spots in and around the city offer versatile options for gaming and indoor sports, and here are the best of them.

Mystery Rooms

Photo source: Mystery Room

Photo source: Mystery Room

Built on an entirely new concept, at least in the city, Mystery Rooms in Rajouri Garden {and other locations} is perfect for groups. The idea is live-escaping a room with the help of clues and teamwork, complete with audio and visual effects to enhance the experience.

Federation Of Gamers

Photo source: F.o.G

Photo source: F.o.G

It has been a while since FoG opened its gates to gamers in the city, though it remains one of our favourites. The best part is their versatile collection of latest games, unlike the handful of popular games stocked by other gaming centres in the city. With top-of-the-line hardware, delicious food and a relaxing ambience, they make sure nothing interrupts your gaming experience. Plus they have great tournaments too.


Image courtesy - Glued

Photo source: Glued

While Glued in Noida is more for those looking to have a good time than gaming veterans, the variety of games it offers—from table tennis and PlayStation games, to snooker and bowling—makes sure there’s something for everyone here.

Xtreme Gaming eSports Stadium

Image Courtesy:Xtreme gaming

Photo source: Xtreme Gaming

Xtreme Gaming is one of the few brands actively promoting gaming across the country, and their eSports Stadium in Delhi serves as a centre for city gamers to come together and mingle. It’s by far one of the biggest gaming arenas in the country, and perfect for clan shootouts and tournament practice sessions.


Photo source: SMAAASH

Photo source: SMAAASH

Built on a humongous 47,000 sq ft of floor space, Smaash in Gurgaon hosts plenty of games you won’t find anywhere else in the city. We especially like their virtual reality simulators, where you can step in the shoes of a soccer goalkeeper or cricket bowler, and play your favourite sports in real time. Guess where else they’ve opened?

Featured photo courtesy: StockSnap via Pixabay  [CC0 1.0]