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Lunchboxes That Will Make You Not Want To Order In At Work

Chandni posted on 27 June

If you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle {by skipping your daily Swiggy orders at office} and want to make sure your delish home-cooked food stays fresh and edible by lunchtime {who wants cold rotis, right?), these fun lunchboxes can be your saviours!

Funmeal Lunchbox

Brand: Tupperware

Price: INR 378

Buy it online here

Paisley Owl Lunch Box

Brand: Chumbak

Price: INR 895

Buy it online here

Double Decker Lunch Box

Brand: Fab n Funky

Price: INR 455

Buy it online here

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Brand: ROXX

Price: INR 429

Buy it online here

Lunchbox With Insulated Bag

Brand: Topware

Price: INR 110

Buy it online here

Burger Lunch Box

Brand: Gift Box

Price: INR 349

Buy it online here

Smiley Snacks Lunch Box

Brand: Brecken Paul

Price: INR 175

Buy it online here

Monsters University Lunch Box

Brand: Disney

Price: INR 1352

Buy it online here

Vector 3 Containers

Brand: Milton

Price: INR 480

Buy it online here

Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box

Brand: Velgo

Price: INR 733

Buy it online here

Featured photo: Chumbak