Pamper Yourself: LuxaDerme’s Got Sheet Masks For Your Face, Hands And Feet!

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What Makes It Awesome

One of life’s most underrated pleasures is sitting back with a super cooling (and nice smelling) sheet mask on your face and watching Netflix. That’s what LuxaDerme’s doing but not just for our faces, they’ve got luxurious sheet masks for our feet (aka socks) and for our hands (aka gloves), too! No spas necessary!

For face masks, they only had two options - Brightening and Firming. I ended up getting the Brightening one with berries and green tea. First thing I noticed was that it wasn’t as sticky as regular sheet masks are so it was much easier to apply and keep on since it wasn’t slipping off my face every 30 seconds. It was pretty moisturising and my face did look a tad bit more glowy but I guess I’ll have to do this a few times for best results. I’ve been washing my hands a lot recently and they’ve gotten super dry so I got the Hand Hydration Gloves. They were pretty moisturising but as someone who’s always on their phone, I got kinda bored waiting for 30 minutes till I could take them off. If you’re more patient than I am, you’ll like it but I think I’ll stick to hand creams. I didn’t get the Foot Hydration Socks but if you like giving yourself pedicures at home, they’ll come handy since they soften cuticles and add strength to nails. 

Price: INR 1,000 for 2 face masks, INR 500 for 2 pairs of gloves, INR 500 for 2 pairs of socks

What Could Be Better

You can’t order a single mask, you have to get them in pairs which I didn’t like since you’ll end up wasting a sheet mask if it doesn’t suit your skin.


They’re definitely not as cheap as the average sheet mask so ordering when they have a special offer running is better (which they do right now.)