Luxurious Italian Dining At Ottimo In West View

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One can consider Ottimo to be a progeny of the existing culinary delight that is West View at ITC Maurya. A community table, a show-kitchen, a water body and the overall rustic European feel are just some of the things that make the experience even better.

Chow Down

Pancetta Di Maiale Con Salsa Al Vino Rosso E Polvere Di Cotenna Croccante, Insalata Di Aragosta Con Ananas Alla Vaniglia E Riduzione Di Avocado

Sip On

Their selection of wines {since they go the best with Italian food}

Winning For

Chef Vittorio Greco offers authentic Italian recipes and adds his own creativity to it. The food here is delicious and the overall vibe makes you feel like you’re dining in Europe.

Rustic Interiors And Community Dining

The sense of community is really strong with Italian dining, and that is exactly the experience Ottimo promises. The first thing you notice is the Ottimo Square – a community table where families and individuals can dine.

The outdoor area’s addition of a water body, a stone pizza oven, and a vertical herb garden is perfect for the Italian family dining vibe and what makes it better, is the great view of the Delhi ridge area.

A Little Art And Some À La Carte

Ottimo was conceptualised to cater to patrons who wanted more from West View, and that is exactly what it does. Chef Vittorio Greco brings his skills and experience to the table through the Italian offerings that this place has, and makes the experience better with his friendly and warm attitude.

We started our 5-course meal with Insalata Di Aragosta Con Ananas Alla Vaniglia E Riduzione Di Avocado {yes! It takes a century to just get these names right} which is a fresh lobster salad with vanilla pineapple, mustard coulis and avocado reduction. The dish was a mix of fresh flavours and instantly won our hearts with its beautiful plating and taste. Next came the rich and decadent Parmigiano Reggiano soup a.k.a Zuppa Di Parmigiano Reggiano; a dish that cheese lovers would relish.

While we sipped on a glass of Pinot Grigio, we were served the Ravioli Burro E Acciughe Con Crema Di Cavolfiori, a.k.a Ravioli with butter anchovies and cauliflower puree. The dish might not be for everyone, but we enjoyed it thoroughly and if you love anchovies, you’d love this too.

Next up, {and our favourite} was the Pancetta Di Maiale Con Salsa Al Vino Rosso E Polvere Di Cotenna Croccante, a.k.a slow cooked pork belly with red wine reduction and crackling powder. The pork belly was succulent, full of flavour and the red wine jus just made it even better. Make sure you try this one out when visiting {and maybe ask the server to pair a good wine with it}.

The Dolce, or dessert, is the grand finale. After tasting a variety of authentic Italian dishes, the Pannacotta Con Carpaccio Di Frutta, a.k.a vanilla cream with a set seasonal fruit carpaccio is the perfect end to your meal. We absolutely loved the colours on our platter and the taste was even better.

Though a bit expensive for the regular foodie, this place is definitely worth a shot {maybe for a fabulous first date}.

So, We’re Thinking…

West View is one of the culinary oldies in the city, and has been a consistent choice for many who love the European cuisine; with the addition of Ottimo, we feel it has just raised its standards in both quality and taste. While patrons would love it, we can count ourselves as a regular too now.


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