Maa Chaat: A Vintage Food Truck Serving Delicious Golgappas

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Parked right opposite Arcadia in South City-II stands a white Eeco van that serves up some of the yummiest street food we’ve had in a while.

Kickin' It Old School

Maa Chaat has been parked at the same spot for nearly nine years, long before the brightly painted food trucks drove to Leisure Valley.

A small menu hangs at the back of the truck, which also serves as the golgappa station. A few plastic stools, an enterprising partnership with the tikki waala and loyal customers who come back again and again – stopping by Maa Chaat makes for a great experience.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Chaat

Even though pakoras remain a monsoon favourite, golgappas and a plate of aloo tikki can lift your spirits on an overcast day quite wonderfully.

We ordered a plate of each and, can we just say, Maa Chaat gives some of Delhi’s most loved golgappas a run for their money. They’re slightly larger, the paani is a bit sweeter and the aloo filling is yummy. A plate has five suji golgappas that make for a satisfying appetiser.

The aloo tikki, doused in dahi and red and green chutney, warmed us up and we’ll be back for them again, as soon as winter makes its presence felt.

So We're Thinking...

Drive by Maa Chaat and indulge your street food cravings at this white van.


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