This Natural Hair & Skincare Brand Is Spilling Beauty Secrets At Budget Prices

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Maa's Secret

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What Makes It Awesome

Every mother has her own set of home remedies she always recommends for bad hair days. That’s exactly what made Priyanka start Maa’s Secret, when she realised her mom’s magic hair-oils needed to be shared with those of us struggling to keep our hair in check. Available online, there’s 2 different hair oils and face bars (aka soaps) to choose from, and they’re all homemade, handmade and all-natural. 

I had to check out the hair oils first since that’s what inspired Priyanka to start the label; the Bloom oil is made with olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil, plus some herbs like neem, tulsi and a bunch more that helps reduce hair fall and also makes it shinier and bouncier (yes, volume!) The Velvet oil makes frizzy and curly hair so much more manageable and helps avoid detangling so no ripping your hair out while combing through. 

I also checked out the soaps, the Moringa Detox Face Bar is better suited for those with acne-prone skin, plus it gives a really nice glow after basically “detoxifying” your skin of dull skin cells. The Kesar Glass Skin Face Bar with turmeric and coconut oil is basically glowing skin in a bar; it reduces dullness, zits and pigmentation and is even soothing on sunburns. Also, I really liked the packaging which was super minimalist and the hair oils which are wrapped in brown paper instead of plastic. 

Price: INR 210 for the Bloom and Velvet hair oils (100ml), INR 270 for the Moringa Detox Face Bar, INR 299 for the Kesar Glass Skin Face Bar

What Could Be Better

They’re currently not shipping to a few cities so before you get your mind (and heart) set on trying a few products, send them your pin code to confirm if they can deliver products to you.


While you’re browsing through the products, don’t miss out on the Maa’s Tips Corner with a lot more ways to keep your hair and skin happy and healthy! Warning, you may have been washing your hair wrong your entire life… 


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