Mahabelly's Weekend Menu Is All About Fresh Seafood & Pork

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We checked out the weekend menu at Mahabelly. With some special dishes and fresh seafood, the menu is finger lickin’ good.

What’s On The Menu?

Of the appetisers, we tried the fried anchovies {Netholi}, fish cutlets and the vegetarian Kondattam {stir fried spicy assorted veggies}. Each one was crisp, crunchy and packed a punch of flavors. Special mention for the supremely fresh seafood, flown in from Kerala. We washed this down with the refreshing tender coconut and a lime mocktail.

The main course spread had the Classic Fish Moilee, light and fragrant, matching gorgeously with the idiyappams. But the star of the meal was the Pork Roast – a delicious combination of tingling spices, with just the amount of heat that will keep you going back for the next bite.

Also delightful was the tangy, creamy Pacha Manga Curry {raw mangoes in coconut milk gravy}. The Kathrikka Curry {brinjal in a peanut sauce} and Saramma’s Vendekka Curry {ladies fingers} were relished equally by my vegetarian companion.

Jolly Belly

The restaurant was packed to capacity with a 40 minute wait list, and that’s the usual state of affairs. The weekend specials are subject to availability, but I vouch for the a la carte offerings at Mahabelly equally. That Malabar parotta is pure joy!