Stay In A Bamboo Cottage With Your Friends At This River Island In Assam For INR 800 A Night


    The North East is unexplored territory for many. Majuli is a beautiful river island {the largest in the world} located in the Brahmaputra River in Assam. And there’s a beautiful bamboo homestay here – La Maison De Anand.

    The House Of Happiness

    La Maison De Anand is completely made out of bamboo and is a sight to behold. The rooms are modest, comfortable and stunning! There are small windows decorated with bright red curtains {the sunlight still streams in beautifully}. All the furniture is bamboo giving the entire space a rather rustic, earthy feel. The terrace is for you to lounge about at. The bamboo recliners padded with mattresses proved to be super comfy. And there’s lots to do around here…


    Go to experience the ways in which the Missing {pronounce missy} tribes live alongside the Assamese populace. Rent a cycle and travel around the island, visit the many satras {Neo-Vaishnavite religious sites} where you may encounter puppet, and mask makers, and maybe learn from them. You can even stay in a beautiful private cottage, left to the tribe, by a travelling French couple who fell in the love with the place. Try the local dishes, including a wonderful snake dish, and local beer, the Missing tribe I stayed with prepared for us. Purchase some locally made handloom clothes. Or just, breathe, and slow down.

    How Do I Get There?

    If you’re heading from Delhi, you’ll have to get yourself to Guwahati first. The bus journey from here will take you through some of the most picturesque scenes Assam has to offer. You even cross Kaziranga National Park!

    Once at Jorhat, take any rickshaw to the boatyard. In a little less than an hour, you’ll be there, and then the ferry begins {yes, this is one LONG journey – the ferry however is one of the most comfortable, and beautiful ways of travelling I’ve ever come across}. Just watch the river pass by. You’ll reach Majuli and La Maison De Anand in about an hour.

    So, We're Saying...

    We made the entire trip in slightly under INR 10,000 per person, including stay, travel, and meals. If you want to converse, and share stories, the train journey is worth it. The train tickets cost under INR 1,000 for a sleeper class if you book in time {or you know, tatkal zindabad}, and the stay at Le Maison cost us about INR 800 per day, with the cost being split five ways!

    Nearest Aiport/Railway Station: Guwahati {take the 8-hour bus from Guwahati Bus Terminal to Jorhat}