Mamagoto Has A Secret Menu You Wish You Knew About Sooner

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How many of you Mamagoto-loyalists know that they have a secret menu? It’s true and, now that you have been informed, we’re telling you which {secret} menu items are worth your money.

Start With

The secret menu brings back the Gomai Salad, which is a traditional Japanese salad with spinach leaves, cooked in a sesame-flavoured dressing that is the perfect blend of sweet and sour. We highly recommend starting your meal with this.

Keep 'Em Coming

We loved the Chinese-style Sticky Rice In Banana Leaf which is essentially sticky rice that’s wrapped around chicken {or mushrooms} and is served in a banana leaf. Paired with a tangy coconut and garlic paste, called Sambal, you just can’t get enough of these rice rolls.

For Mains

Ask your server for the Indonesian Curry On Rice In A Lotus Leaf – even though the name gives everything away, you’re still not be prepared for the dish that is set down in front of you. A coconut-milk-based curry, with the scent of lemongrass and turmeric, served on rice and wrapped up in a lotus leaf, with sliced lemons on the side – this one blew us away.

Still Have Space?

Tom Kha’s Cousin is a soupy dish with flat rice noodles. We tried the prawn variant and, if you like seafood, this will make you very, very happy. The dish is served in a bowl with four pieces of prawn on a skewer.