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MammaMia For Mums-To-Be and Mums-Just-Been

Editors posted on 17 June

From what we’ve seen in the movies, nothing about childbirth will have you singing a la ABBA. But recent explorations into the world of parenting {after all, babies are simply everywhere we go!} have revealed that while much of it is outside your control, there are some things you can do to help your own cause, when it’s time to bring your own into the world.

MammaMia is led by a bunch of non-paranoid, strong and sensible women, highly trained in dealing with pregnancy and all its glorious side-effects. Hormonal outburst included.

Considering that giving birth is quite an, um, ancient practice, do we need specialists? The MammaMia theory goes that women nowadays, urban professionals in particular, may not be as much in tune with their own bodies as they could be. What their team does is retrain your body and habits, so they’re better equipped to deal with whatever the female body was originally designed to deal with.

The impressive part is truly the inspirational women who started this practice. Changed by their own experiences of becoming mothers, two brave ladies decided to devote all their waking hours {and sometimes their sleeping ones too} to the delicate art of doling TLC to mothers-to-be. Fortis was so impressed with their ideology that they’ve given MammaMia space – one that smells nice and looks like a posh hotel lobby – in their Delhi hospitals.

This female brigade will debunk myths that leave you scared to move a finger when you’ve got a bun in the oven. Instead, they encourage you to exercise and counsel you on eating well – after all, everything women hear comes from the learned generation before them, when much of present day produce wasn’t available or properly explored.

They also specialise in birth preparation classes, water birthing {woohoo swimming babies} and a host of other baby-related things that you’re better off investigating as and when the need strikes.

Their specially designed exercise classes can even help shed baby weight once the new arrival has arrived.

Their best-selling service seems to be their specialty prenatal massages and reflexology, so if you’re with child and not feeling all glowy, buy your way into it. My my, how could I resist you!

Where: All Fortis Hospitals in Delhi

For more information: Click here

Prices: Prenatal Yoga & Exercise classes priced at approximately INR 1000 per session.