Mangle Di Kulfi For Delicious Slurpy Desserts In Gurgaon

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Mangle Di Kulfi is an exclusive kulfi and ice cream parlour which first opened its doors in New Colony, Gurgaon and has now expanded to Baani Square.

Chow Down

Paan Kulfi and Rose ice cream

The kulfi is rich, creamy, smooth and the paan flavour is incorporated extremely well. The combination is executed perfectly and it tastes exactly like sweet paan! If you don’t like kulfi, they also have paan ice cream which is just as delicious.

The rose soothes your palate and the flowery flavour doesn’t feel overpowering, which is great. The texture is velvety, and it easily beats the other mainstream ice cream brands when it comes to quality.

What We Love

This small shop has plain white walls, a single red board for the menu, and ice cream coolers. However, they serve delicious, creamy ice cream with intriguing flavours done exceeding well. Also, the prices! For the quality and flavours of ice cream and kulfi, the prices are extremely nominal.

What Didn’t Impress Us

The service. The place is quite crowded at times and the staff can get overwhelmed. So, you might have to wait for your turn.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Ice cream needs no time! However, weekend nights are quite packed, so you’d have to wait longer; plan accordingly.


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