These 5 Cocktails From Manhattan Belong On Your Instagram Handle

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Manhattan, one of the finest microbreweries in town, has revamped its cocktail menu, with a unique twist to old school drinks. From chuski margaritas to shikanji coladas, it only gets better as you go through the list.


Discover new flavours including blueberry, orange, cola, shikanji and aam papad with lots of vodka in the old school banta pop bottle {the only kind of throwback to indulge in!}. Yummy and refreshing, there’s a flavour here for everyone.

An Apple A Day

This summer cocktail is ready to be sipped and snapped and we recommend this dose of apple daily {don’t tell your doctor!} The amazing Apple Foamatini settles in a beautiful glass, and the fruity martini brimming with creamy foam on top is a treat to both the eyes and the taste buds.

Mexicano Love-itano

Look at this steaming pile of awesomeness! If this isn’t Instagrammable or drinkable or simply brewable, we don’t know what is.  Vodka, Kahlua, triple sec added with some home-made tea concoction, the Mexican tea cocktail is sure to give your senses a buzzy lift.

Chuski Makes You Frisky

We’re a bit in disbelief, but this is definitely real and turns out chuski and margarita are a match made in Manhattan! Slurp your way into the childhood days and revisit your favourite flavoured icicle with a vodka twist.


Are you in the mood to slowly unwind and relax? Good, because we have got the perfect drink waiting for you. Vodka with a splash of rum in a range of fruity flavours is the ideal post-work cocktail. Packed into a cute wooden barrel, you can sip on this for hours.

Little reminder: All these cocktails will be launched one per day, and that too on special prices {check Instagram here to keep track}. So, charge the batteries of your phone before you step out for this, so you don’t feel sorry for not clicking these gorgeous drinks for your insta-feed. And text your friends too, because getting lit together at Manhattan will give everyone #squadgoals.