Manu Atelier's Beautifully Designed Leather Bags Will Set You Apart

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While Shopbop and Net A Porter deliver to India, the custom fees is ridiculous, so it's best to ship it to a friend travelling from the States or the UK.

What could be better?

They're always running out of stock! These bags are limited edition and also quite the rage in other parts of the world; which is good because everyone won't be found carrying a Manu, but sucks because you're unlikely to get your preferred option.

I liked

I've been stalking Manu Atelier for a while, ever since I spotted them on Eva Chen's Instagram feed. The design is unique, the collection comes in an array of colours including pastels {which are also stunning}.

And while they are definitely not cheap, I like artisan labels, and this one's run by two sisters based out of Turkey.

More Info

The bags are small-ish in size. This one's the demi with top handle in a camel. They've got a bunch of designs available as well, including a really cool backpack. Shop away, once the savings add up.