Masala Monk's Lockdown Menu Is Here To Satiate Our Sweet Cravings At Home

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Masala Monk

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What Makes It Awesome?

We're almost a month into the Covid-19 lockdown and we dearly miss relishing our favourite desserts at our favourite spots with our favourite bunch of people in the city. Given that the quarantine period is bound to get extended even further, we found Masala Monk for you, that's delivering homemade Banana Oat Bread, Banoffee Pie (yay!) and more in Delhi and Gurgaon! 

Masala Monk is a food product line started by a travel and food enthusiast Shashank Aggarwal. They've made a Quarantine special menu called the "Stay-At-Home-Menu" which lists all the items they are delivering in Delhi during the lockdown. The list includes plenty of organic pulses, pickles, jams, spices and more.

At Masala Monk you can score the most interesting pickles, gourmet chutneys, marmalade and more. The Boozey Spreads section, in particular, caught my attention. Who wouldn't want Gin Berry (Gin & Strawberry Jam), Mango Tequila Jam or Orange & Whiskey Marmalade during breakfast? 

These guys have a bunch of other cool stuff too like instant drink mixes, spice blends, home churned nut butters and even wooden scoops and bowls. 

As far as desserts are concerned, they are delivering the oh-so-good Tiramisu (INR 849), Banoffee Pie (INR 599), Blueberry Cheesecake (INR 599), Banana Oat Bread (INR 449). All you have to do is place your orders before 6 pm and they'll deliver your food within 24 hours. How great is that? Order away!

Price: INR 299 onwards


All items on their Quarantine menu are discounted at the moment, go check them out now. We'd say aim for their desserts for now. They deliver it fresh and you'll receive it within a day of placing your order. Cheesecakes and pies for the win! 


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