Mask Up & Step Out Safely With These Embroidered Face Masks

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Mask Up

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What Makes It Awesome

Now that we’ve all had a few months to adjust to the new normal that is masks, sanitisers and the feeling of please-stay-6-feet-away-from-me, I’ve given up on those regular masks in favour of cuter embroidered masks because I will turn anything into an accessory if it upgrades my OOTD. Mask Up, an online store, has 3-layered face masks that come in tons of designs like florals, quotes and logos.

I loved the look of the black mask with a sunflower on it that’ll go with everything. There’s an elastic band on the back which goes around your head which makes it more comfortable to wear than one that you fix behind your ears that gets a little painful when worn for too long. If you’re feeling edgy, there’s also one with skulls on it. Or go for a funny one that has a cloud throwing up a rainbow because why not? 

Price: INR 300 Upwards


They also make customised masks so in case you want one with your initials or one for your workplace with your logo on it for your entire team. 


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