Gurgaon Has Its Own Kashmiri Bakery & They're Doughing It Right

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Matamaal, the cutesy and charming homestyle Kashmiri Pandit eatery in Gurgaon branches out and now has a bakery with a traditional oven that doles out fresh hot baked treats.

Are You Bread-y For This?

Unknown to many, the Kashmiris have a fine tradition of baking and enjoy a diverse range of oven fresh breads not just for breakfast, but as perfect accompaniments to tea time and often even with mains during elaborate meals.

Matamaal honours this legacy and allow us a slice of this culinary practice that has stood the test of time. You can choose from snacky breads like the Telwor, which is essentially a desi style bagel that pairs well with the Sheer chai {Kashmiri salty milk tea} or the multi-layered and flaky Katlam which is mildly crunchy and is excellent with the fragrant and sweet Kehwa.

However, Kashmiri breads also double up as the carb component in meals, so you can sample fresh and delicious creations with your favourite kebab or curry as well. The Lavasa for example, is a lighter version of the pita bread, soft and slightly stretchy and would work excellently to wrap around barbecued food, smoky pieces of kebabs or even creating your own roll at home.

For curries, the Baigerkhani is ideal. This soaks in the gravy beautifully and can be enjoyed with either the fiery Rogan Josh or even the creamy and milder Yakhni. My favourite though is something very distinctive- the Gaevchot or Gaev Roti. This soft and doughy bread is hearty, and typically made on special occasions for special guests.

Butter Than The Rest

Kashmiri breads are not just refreshingly different and delicious, we hear they are also healthier than our usual fare.  Baked in an authentic clay tandoor, using filtered water, and an equal mix of refined and whole wheat, Matamaal also ensures that the breads here use only ghee and are fresh and fabulous every single day. We could imagine enjoying these even for breakfast- with runny eggs, or even a spicy chutney.


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