Dark Chocolate Or Afghani Chicken? Medley Samosa Lounge Serves More Than 40 Types Of Samosas

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Tucked among the residential colonies of Janakpuri is this hole-in-the-wall eatery named Medley Samosa Lounge that serves more than 40 variants of the humble samosa with unusual {but delish} fillings like Dark Chocolate, Afghani Chicken, Malai Mushroom and more.

Samosa Done Right

MSL is a cubby joint with the most basic seating – a table and a few chairs, but don’t let its humble space fool you into thinking that they compromise on taste and quality; for instance, the non-vegetarian and vegetarian samosas here are cooked in separate oils and their samosas are not drenched in it like the ones that you get elsewhere.

This eatery serves samosas with fillings like Reshmi Chicken, Creamy Corn, Honey Chilli Potato, White Chocolate, Basil Paneer and more. We ordered the Pizza Samosa and the Dark Chocolate Samosa and we couldn’t be any happier with our choices. The Pizza Samosa had a flavourful filling of aloo, capsicum, paneer and it kind of reminded us of McDonald’s Pizza McPuff {sigh} but being the dessert-lovers that we are, it was the Chocolate Samosa with its crisp sugar syrup coated outer layer and warm, gooey dark chocolate filling that really impressed us.

We know that these fillings inside a samosa sound so very wrong but give MSL a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, you’ll probably end up getting some packed for home too {we did}!

So, We're Saying..

People generally love only the crispy skin of the samosas and dread eating the filling, but at Medley Samosa Lounge, the filling is as good as {or probably even better than} the crisp layer. This eatery is definitely a hidden gem we’re glad to come across and yess, we’re coming back for seconds and thirds and fourths.


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