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Meet the Delhiwaala | The Ladies Tailor

Shriyam posted on 12 December


Raju | Ladies Tailor

{Translated from Hindi}

How long have you been a tailor?

I have been a tailor for 25 years.

Where did you learn the skill?

It has been passed down for generations in my family in Kanpur.

So why did you end up coming to Delhi?

For a job.

What is the most challenging aspect of ladies clothing?

A dress. And the blouse.

Why the blouse?

It needs to be given a proper fitting, which is a little challenging and takes a lot of time. All design work also needs to be done on the blouse.

 What are the ladies especially particular about?

With regards to fitting. This is loose, this is tight, that's what they always complain about.

Do you take the measurements yourself?

Yes, I do!

 Are husbands around when you do so?

No, nothing as such. These days ladies are quick. So they come and give measurements and leave. It is our work. Our job. So there is nothing as such.

Anything ever happened out of the ordinary while taking measurements?

Once it happened. A lady client was from Dubai, and she was very tall… over 6 feet. She was young and unmarried. She had quite a big waist so when I was measuring it, the tape fell short. And when I put my arm around her, I fell on top of her!

Did the clothes get made then?

Yes, yes. We did do the clothes.

If Delhi were a girl, what would you make her wear?

A salwar suit. It is suitable for all castes and religions. It's very respectful for a lady.


Interview & photograph by Shriyam Gupta