Block Printed Kimonos To Embroidered Pants: This Brand's All About Sustainable & Organic Clothing

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What Makes It Awesome

We're right in the middle of summer and now more than ever we need clothes that are made of breathable fabrics. In the midst of us trying to beat the heat, we came across this brand and it instantly made us feel better. Megasa is an online clothing brand based out of Jaipur that strongly believes in sustainable fashion practices.

The brainchild of three absolutely talented sisters, Megasa is solely devoted to reviving traditional techniques of manufacturing clothes using natural fibres and dyes. A lot of thought and (massive) effort is put into making each piece from their collection and it shows. These folks do printed shirts (for both women and men), comfy tops, breezy pants, summer dresses, jumpsuits and more. We were left enchanted after going through Megasa's Dabu Capsule Collection and just couldn't let go of the Dabu Wet Blue Strap Top. If (like us) you're someone who loves to experiment with prints, we'd suggest you go for their Dabu Linear Pants. Might feel a bit prominent at first but once you pair it up with a creamy blouse or an off white t-shirt, it's bound to look great. Another product that we're dying to get our hands on is the Japanese Block Printed Kimono top. Made using cotton satin, this piece has tiny flowers printed over it making it look oh-so-beautiful. You can also order their dresses and jumpsuits which are summer-friendly and just plain awesome. They also have a collection of men's shirts (INR 1,800) made out of natural fibres like organic cotton, banana and other organic fabrics. How unconventionally cool is that? If you like pop-colours and bright shades, you might be a bit disappointed because this brand is all about neutral, natural shades. Let's also take a moment to appreciate their efforts into helping consumers make conscious choices when it comes to fashion and clothing. All this while producing masterpieces. 

Their prices start at INR 900 onwards and go up to INR 7,000. The price may seem a bit daunting for some of the products but given that their products are completely environment friendly and are manufactured using traditional means, we can't really complain. Oh, and did we mention that they ship across India?


Follow their Instagram page if their manufacturing technique intrigues you. They have pretty cool content on how their products are made. You can place your orders online through their website. 

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