Men, Here's How You Style It Right For Every Important Occasion

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The answer to the question ‘what do I wear?’ is something that plagues every person on the planet. Plus, with fashion trends changing by the second, staying updated is literally impossible.

But fret not men, because we’re here to save the day with some essential wardrobe additions that will come in handy all throughout your life.

For A Cocktail Party

Pair this classy shirt with a smart pair of trousers

If you’re afraid to try a new look, then a cocktail party is a good excuse to experiment with different styles. Wear this super trendy yet casual shirt with a smart pair of trousers to win brownie style points.

The best part? It’ll keep you comfortable enough to dance and party all night long. 

For An Important Interview

A well-fitted suit should do the trick

It goes without saying that a perfectly well-fitted suit that transcends trends and designs is something that every man must have. While purchasing your suit, make sure you pay attention to every small detail {like fit, shirt colour, ties, accessories} because it’s these small things that can help you suit up in style. It’s time to make Harvey Specter proud.

For A Casual Brunch

Add a dash of informality with this cool jacket

A brunch date is all about comfort, and this outfit totally fits that bracket. It is perfect for outdoor scenes, and will add the right amount of colour to your personality. Plus, they’re just what you need to stand out in those Instagram pictures. Looking dapper is now a whole lot simpler, we believe.

For An Airport Trip

Pair this killer blazer with comfortable chinos

Sometimes it’s better to stick to classics. And this classy jacket is sure to not just up your style, but also keep you comfortable during the entire flight.  

With its contemporary, modern and yet traditional menswear, Mr. Fox has an impressive range of outfits that you can choose for different occasions. If you’ve always wanted to own a comprehensive wardrobe, then your search ends here. 

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