By Aditi Datta

Ay caramba!

This particular writer was beyond thrilled at the news of an all-new Mexican/Tequila Bar opening in the ever-expanding Cyber Hub. Because what’s not to love about Tex-Mex? We’ve had a shocking abyss in the salsa department, since all the good Mexican eating joints have had South Delhi as the centre of gravity. {And no, Chilli’s doesn’t count.} This has been somewhat surprising, considering we have the rice, the beans, the tomatoes, the onions, the lemon, the cilantro, and the will to drink. But it’s in the fresh guacamole {not out of a jar} and a tangy sour cream {as a friend recently enlightened us} that the true test of Tex-Mex lies.

Dos Burros isn’t taking too many chances – they have appointed a chef from Mexico who will make a monthly visit to Dos Burros’ kitchen, so we {and he} can know for sure that the food is fit for all abuelas all over Mexico. We’re excited about the Ceviche with Salmon, Sea Bass, Mango & Chilly Tiger’s Milk, and of course, the Black Bean Sopa.

We’re happy to spot some Chilean and Peruvian additions, but were somewhat perplexed by the pizza and Thai sections of the menu. It’s only the incongruity of it, we swear, that made us skip straight to the whole page dedicated to Margaritas. And just out of curiosity, we checked out the next few pages that offer a strong selection of Mexican-inspired cocktails, fine tequila {of the sipping kind}, and ingenious menu of shots.

So far, we’re loving the taqueira feeling of the cheery white-washed interiors. Salud.

Where: Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Contact: +91-9999298745

For more information: Click here

Prices: Meal for two at approximately INR 2000, for one starter and main each. Cocktails start at INR 350.