What Is It?

From pork belly to duck, crab and prawn, tacos get an Asian makeover at Tah-Koh, Mamagoto’s soft shell taco festival. It features fillings like crab, duck, pork, chicken, tofu and cheese.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to explore the slightly-odd marriage of Mexican and Asian cuisine.

Why Should I Go For It?

Mamagoto Tah-Koh - Porky 21

Soft shell tacos come with fillings such as pork belly with plum sauce, green apple slivers and micro greens {it’s called the Porky}—we liked this the best. Then there is the Smoky, crispened smoked chicken served with green chilli mayo and goat cheese, and the Ducky, crispy duck tossed with plum sauce, cucumber and spring onions.

Seafood lovers; you need not fret. There’s Craby {ok that could have done with a better name}, soft shell crispy crab perked up with chilli mayo, pickles, Japanese barbecue sauce and spring onions, and a panko-encrusted fried prawn number called Prawny.

Anything Else?

Mamagoto Tah-Koh - Flat Veggie

Vegetarians, don’t feel left out. You can tuck into the Cheesy {panko-encrusted goat cheese, mango sauce, kimchi, mint and micro greens}, or the Tofuish {a tofu Korean barbecue served with green chilli mayo, taco sauce and cream cheese}.

The festival menu is also offering crispy flatbreads in two options: A vegetarian version with artichokes and radish, slathered with mango sauce, and a version with mushrooms, blue cheese, truffle oil {so posh!}, green chillies, kimchi, and pickled cucumber.

Where: Find an outlet here

When: Till July 31

Price: INR 1,500 for two {+ taxes}

Check out their website here and find them on Facebook here.