Ten-Second Takeaway

Midway Bar in Bhimtal lies bang in the middle of the market stretch, 10 minutes away from the lake. They give you the option to fix yourself a stiff drink right there and then, or get your alcohol packed.

Stock Up

If you’re a frequent visitor to the hills, you know that you can’t afford to be too choosy about your choice of poison; most thekas have a very limited variety of liquor brands {we even came across one which sold only beer}. Midway Bar is the answer to all these woes.

Apart from the usual Smirnoff vodka {they even had green apple}, we spotted some wines, rums, gins and beer- all brands that we know and love.

Grub Pub

Photo source: Atkumar4321 via Wikipedia Commons[CC BY-SA 4.0]

Photo source: Atkumar4321 via Wikipedia Commons[CC BY-SA 4.0](Generic)

As is traditional with any bar, with drinks, comes food. Midway Bar serves the usual snack-y spicy starters. Think chicken tikka, chilli chicken, paneer tikka etc. And masala peanuts, of course.

But what really impressed us here was the jugaad potential. We wanted a quarter of orange Smirnoff vodka and even though they only had a brand new full bottle, they were more than willing to open it and pour it in a smaller bottle as per our quantity requirements. Customer satisfaction, level 9,000.

So, We’re Saying…

The ambience here isn’t great and it’s pretty male-dominated. However we’d recommend a pit stop at Midway Bar to stock up on alcohol for all the days you’re going to be spending in the hills.

Featured photo source: Picjumbo