Tea Talk: Get Orthodox Tea Delivered From This Century-Old Tea Estate In Kerala

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Misty Mountain

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What Makes It Awesome

This tea estate in the hills of Kerala has braved through the prominent historic waves in the country and still stands strong with their Orthodox tea. Misty Mountain Peermade Tea, a brand venture of Misty Mountain Experience, is devoted to making mid-grown black and loose leaf tea at their age-old tea plantation. They retail these freshly brewed, handcrafted teas online through their website.  

Harvested in the traditional method, Orthodox teas follow an elaborate process of plucking, withering, hand-rolling, oxidizing and drying. The result is a distinct malty flavour and vibrant colours in a cup. Misty Mountain Peermade Tea is available in six variants. If you are a religious drinker of black tea, you must try their Orange Pekoe (125g) which is a traditional large leaf tea having a mellow taste profile. Premium Whole Leaf (150g) and Broken Orange Pekoe (200g) are the other two black teas available. Looking for something zestier and bold? Misty Mountains also has Masala Chai, Ginger and Cardamom Tea which have a spicy palette. Time to stock up?

Price: INR 230 upwards 

What Could Be Better

We would love to see some more blends and brews in their tea collection. 


Apart from their website, Misty Mountain teas are also available to shop online on Amazon.


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