Redecorating? Check Out This Dreamy Store For Stunning Tables, Ceramics & More

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What Makes It Awesome

Mohini Home Decor is the sister branch of Mohini Home Furnishing (they specialise in soft furnishing), also located in the same area. It offers wooden stands, mudas, and a variety of ceramic decor that can make your home look like it belongs in a decor magazine. Bonus: They also offer balcony and interior decorating solutions.

The new store with its lovely teal-coloured door looks quite out of place in the residential area it's a part of. In itself, Mohini Home Decor is not too big, but every one of the things they've got on display is impressive. At the moment, they've got colourful planters with plants procured from the store's own nursery (starting at INR 400), lovely lamps with wooden, metallic and coral base (starting at INR 700), and carved wooden frames (INR 3500), to name a few. Also, how cute are their foldable wooden stands and the ladder stand (INR 1900)?!

Ceramics is another category this store is winning for. From Raku-fired statement vases (starting at INR 2000) to bowls, platters and cups (starting at INR 250) in tones of blue and brown, everything ceramic here is handmade by Anamika (one of the store owners). 

If you're looking to create a cosy corner at home, this store will literally have all the elements you'd need for an Insta-worthy space. Don't believe us? Put their ceramic windchimes (INR 700), their muda set of three (two chairs + a table; INR 2500), the floor lamp and their cushions together, and you'd want to Instagram every inch of this space. 

Since they're in the midst of adding more products every day, you can expect to find a bunch of things like carved cabinets, chandeliers and more over the coming days. 

What Could Be Better

Since this store is small, they do not have the space to display all their bigger furniture pieces like side tables, cabinets, and the like. So, you won't be able to see most of these at the store. But don't worry, they're happy to share pictures of the same on email or WhatsApp and have a catalogue ready for when you wish to see more of their products. 

Pro Tip

If you're looking to revamp your garden, your living room or want to decorate a store from scratch, hit up Mohini Home Decor. They're more than happy to take on makeover projects too. Just FYI, they've designed the two stores (Mohini Home Decor and Home Furnishing) themselves and don't they look stunning? 


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