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Tandoori, Fried And Curry—Momo Galore In Sector 56, Gurgaon


    Gurgaon’s Sector 56 market does momo right—they’ve got crispy fried ones, tandoori-style and even some novel curry momo, so you can get your fill of everyone’s favourite street food.

    Puskar Raj's Fried Momo

    We’d heard about Puskar’s infamous fried momo and, luckily, spotted him right off the bat. Clusters of hungry G-Towners milled about waiting for their plate, and we quickly got in queue. Piping hot and crunchy, they were some of the nicest we’ve had in a while.

    The stall also has a vast Chinjabi menu—chow mein, chilli chicken and spring rolls included.

    You can put out the heat from that dipping sauce by getting a massive Gohana-style jalebi from Choudhary Gohana Famous Jalebis right next to this stall.

    Aman Raj's Tandoori Momos

    The QD variant lacks a nice, smokey flavour, but this tiny two-person stall makes sure their momo are served hot and char-grilled. A portion of these orange momo is accompanied by three kinds of dipping sauces; a minty green chutney, mayo and the quintessential hot sauce.

    They were so good, we carried a plate back to this side of town.

    #LBBTip: If you can’t find them, just ask around. While they’re usually stationed near Kotak Mahindra Bank, we’re not sure if they set up shop at the same spot every day.

    Curry Momo From Yomo

    We were intrigued, so we packed these {we were also quite full from all the bingeing}. They have a few different options and you can mix and match. We went with the Chicken Peri Peri momo doused in Alfredo sauce.

    However, we weren’t that impressed with these; maybe they’re better when they haven’t been lugged back to Delhi and reheated in the microwave.

    We might be convinced to try their chocolate momo because of the novelty factor, though. Maybe another day.