#GoHereEatThis: Laal Maas Phulka Tacos At Monkey Bar

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Monkey Bar is constantly adding new things to their menu every season and whereas we’re all for it, we love going back to our old favourites. One of these being the Laal Maas Phulka Tacos.

Eat What?

Part of the appetiser section, the Laal Maas Phulka Tacos are a meat lover’s dream come true. Picture succulent morsels of lamb braised with mirch achaar accompanied by shredded radish and onions served with a garlic and coriander chutney. All wedged inside a soft phulka. We also got a whiff of curry leaves and tamarind, along with Monkey Bar’s own blend of spices.

If you’re a herbivore, they’ve got an eggplant version of this on their menu too.

Pair It With

Monkey Bar’s signature Maanga- a spicy and refreshing combination of vodka and aam panna. 

#LBBTip: If you’re visiting on a weekend, try to get here early; the late birds don’t tend to get tables easily.

Price: INR 240 plus taxes

Timings: 12pm – 12.30am


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