This 24-Hour Food Delivery Service Is Winning For Malai Tikka Dim Sums, Bacon Kulchas & More

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Primarily a night delivery joint for Gurgaon, Monster’s Cafe has a surprisingly vast menu comprising the usual fast food with a twist: Malai chicken dim sums & enchiladas, peri peri burgers, palak paneer pizza, lots of tikkas and a great Thai curry.

A Meaty Affair

Monster’s Cafe, much like the name implies, has lots and lots of options for the carnivores out there. We started with the malai chicken and tandoori chicken dim sums, the Malai Chicken Enchilada and the Tikka Platter. Of these, the Tikka Platter comprising a not-so-spicy but tasty Afghani chicken, a very spicy Peri Peri Chicken Tikka, a masala-laden kalmi kebab and malai tikka was the clear winner {barring the malai tikka which tasted a little off to us}. The dim sums were good but nothing we hadn’t had before. The enchilada is something we’d recommend trying {or maybe the Wasabi Tandoori Prawn version instead}. We followed this up with Thai Green Curry with prawns and steamed rice. Unlike most places which ignore the very existence of veggies in the non-vegetarian curry, we were happy to find bell peppers and eggplant along with a good amount of prawn in this one. The flavours too, were on point. Being delivery food, we were surprised to find the curry tasted just as good a day later. Other dishes worth trying are the Peri Peri Chicken Burger, chicken biryani {don’t order expecting authenticity} and our personal favourite, the Bacon Kulcha which we think could be a quick snack in itself. Vegetarians, rest assured, all these come in veggie options too. We’re very curious about the palak paneer pizza.

Shakes and Bakes

What we really like about Monster’s Cafe is that they’re delivering drinks and delivering them right. Choose from red velvet and vanilla oreo smoothies to a Gulabi Gulkand to summery drinks like banta, virgin mojitos and iced teas. For a dose of sweet, the tiramisu or Chocolate Ecstasy Jar could prove fruitful.

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