Full disclosure: We love In&Out—but some more than others. So, we went to scope out the In&Out at the Moolchand petrol pump {our other favourite is on Race Course Road} and here’s everything we’re lusting after.

Sea Salt

Price: INR 600

Bath Products

What We Bought: Boutique's White Nectarine & Pear body wash {INR 500}

Price: Starting at INR 350

Red Bull

Price: INR 225

Lactose- Free Milk

Price: INR 25


Price: Starting at INR 350

Air Freshener

What We Bought: Ice cream—Vanilla

Price: INR 125

Double Chocolate & Irish Cream Coffee

Price: INR 500 each


Bath Products For Kids

Price: INR 500

Guacamole Topping & Jamie Oliver's Red Pepper & Ricotta Pesto

Price: INR 395; INR 450

Grapeseed Oil

Price: INR 450


Price: Starting at INR 350

The Gourmet Jar Products

Price: Starting at INR 300


What We Bought: Coke Life, Yoga Pulp {Guava & Aloe Vera}, Basil Seed & Apple

Price: INR 120 {Coke Life}; INR 99 {Yoga Pulp}; INR 95 {Basil Seed & Apple}


Price: Starting at INR 80 {Quinoa Puffs}; INR 400 {Terra Sea Salt Vegetable Chips}; Starting at INR 300 {New Tree Dried Fruit}

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB