Dig Into Yum Smoked Tofu & Chilly Mozzarella From This E-Store

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Mooz Formaggio

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What Makes It Awesome

Mooz Formaggio is an online store that sells delicious cheese, butter, and Tofu in Delhi/NCR but if you ask what's unique about them, then we do have reasons for you.

The brand was started out when the team behind the brand realised that they need to push their boundaries and do something creative around the flavour profiles. They first started out by introducing flavoured butters and now they are also selling flavoured tofu and cheese. 

Sitting at home, when you are in a mood to experiment, everything flavourful definitely comes into use. It was only sometime back when we wished to have something cheesy and we checked out their menu and they had, fresh mozzarella, cream cheese, bocconcini, feta, mascarpone, garlic and chilly mozzarella, black pepper cheddar (we are ordering this next), sour cream jalapeno, sour cream peri peri, and of course looking at these flavours, we were certainly overly excited. We started off with basics, tried their fresh mozzarella and loved it.

Even when it comes to tofu, they have smoked tofu, biryani tofu, organic peanut chilly tofu, organic vegetable tofu, and pudina tofu - doesn't these flavours sound yum? They do to us, for sure!

Also, everything will fall in your budget. Their tofus start at INR 50, cheese at INR 200, and butter at INR 160.


They are currently shipping across Delhi/NCR and products will reach to you in a span of two days.


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