Watching A Film In Noida? Here Are Your Theatre Options

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When entertainment is a need of the hour, going to watch a good movie {with buttery popcorn of course} is the quintessential answer. We’re made you a list of five places where your movie experience will be awesome and hassle-free {read: zero parking issues and no uncomfy seats}. 

Carnival Cinemas & 7D Experience|The Great India Place

Located on the third floor, GIP has not one, but two killer options for you. For catching the newest releases, Carnival Cinemas will sort you out. The large multiplex chain takes pride in giving you top-notch service. Couples, do not miss out on the ebony lounge, which has all ultra-snug pairs of recliners with curtains {as partitions between seats} to give you ample privacy. Check out their show timings here.

The other option is an extreme 7D experience, which will make it feel like you’ve stepped inside a movie itself. With a seating capacity of 16, expect seven special effects { apart from the 3D} which will stun you into a thrilling experience. {We don’t wish to ruin the experience for you. So, we’re not going to reveal what those effects are}.

PVR Cinemas | Logix City Centre Mall

Being one of the biggest PVR cinemas ever, this one has a lot to offer. Located on the second floor, it has 15 screens with a gold class section, one IMAX screen, one 4DX screen {for the uninitiated – your seats will move, water will be sprayed and you’ll feel some light wind blowing}, nine main screens and the Playhouse – a 49 seater screen dedicated to children.

To check the show timings and book your seats, click here.

Wave Cinemas| Center Stage Mall

All movie buffs can get their fix at this five screen theatre which has lesser crowd, equally comfortable chairs and we hear that the sound quality is amazing. Also, you can check out their platinum lounge for a luxury movie experience.
To check out the show timings and make your bookings, click here.

PVR ECX | DLF Mall Of India

A new release or videos in a VR theatre; take your pick because this PVR has both experiences to offer {you can always go for both – it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either, since the movie tickets are for as low as INR 200 and the VR is just for INR 100!}

Click here to check out the show timings and make your bookings.

Cinepolis | The Grand Venice Mall

Gondola rides are not the only source of joy in this mall. Inside this Venice-themed mall, Cinepolis is an awesome, budget-friendly option with 5 screens, recliner chairs and service on call.

Click here to check out the show timings and make your bookings.


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