Mufubu: Useful Reading & Writing Products to Invest in

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Mufubu is a global product website that showcases over 400 quirky, loveable products from award-winning national brands from all over the world.


When it comes to products that encourage reading and our passion of collecting {read hoarding} cutesy accessories, we are always open to exploring. When we logged on to the Mufubu website, it was rather disappointing to discover that a lot of products were ‘out of stock’.

The products in the regular/usual categories, like bar accessories or home and dining accessories, are nothing to write home about. We were about to close the tab, when we reached their reading products, and we instantly knew that we had hit gold.

Bookmark This

Their collection of bookmarks is new; from magnetic bookmarks to the magnifying bookmark {a pocket-sized magnifier cum bookmark} to page corner bookmarks that help avoid dogs ears, the products are high quality and are plenty clever. From the looks of it, the magnifiers {Pocket LED Magnifier or the Credit Card Magnifier} are also pretty handy devices.

We definitely love their Hand Stands and Reading Rests. For all avid readers, it’s a good balance of enjoying the physical experience of holding the book in your hand and flipping through the pages, and wishing that the book holds itself open on its own, almost magically in the air. And these Hand Stands and Reading Rests do exactly that; they make you read hands-free.

The Dark Ages

For your nighttime reading sessions, the really Tiny LED Booklight, designed like a lamp-post, is an innovative creation. These can be clipped to the back cover of your book, and light shall flood the pages of your beloved companion. Their reading products are definitely cute and make for excellent gifting options. The pricing is moderate; their products start INR 250 onwards.

We also have a soft spot for their stationery and loud-mouthed sticky notes.

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Price: INR 250 upwards

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