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    Munchkins: Sweet & Salty Healthy Snacks For Kids

    Navni posted on 26 May

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Munchkins is a new brand which offers pre-packed snack boxes for school-going kids. A mix of sweet and savoury, each box comes with a bunch of nibbles which are calorie-controlled and chemical-free. We got our resident baby to try these out and here are her thoughts {as well as ours} on the trial pack.

    Organic Nilla Crackers

    These are so chewy and sweet and yummy and perfect for an evening snack. The ingredients comprise a fair bit of cereal and nuts {almonds, brown sugar, puffed brown rice, raisins and dates} and sweetened with brown sugar. All the better if you pair them with a bottle of milk.

    Very Berry Mix

    You can smell the sugar on these ragi bits the minute you tear open the packet. A bite confirmed our suspicions. Your munchkins will undoubtedly love the sugar almost dripping off these mini Crax-looking snacks but be prepared for sugar rush induced running and jumping.

    Buttery Bran Biscuits

    Made with cocoa butter and topped with Cadbury's Gems, we'd suggest keeping these at hand for when you want to reward your little one for being good. The biscuit itself, as the name suggests, is buttery, flavoursome and  just the right amount of crunchy {we managed to take a small bite sneakily}.

    Potato Pops

    These are oh-so-salty. But underneath those layers of saline, we discovered potato-ey goodness which was definitely a notch above the usuals crisps you get at your local grocery store. However, we're avoiding these until and unless they fix the salt levels.

    The snacks come in handy pouches with zip locks to making them super convenient. Might be a worth a try if you're trying to wean your child off mass-produced candy bars and chips.

    Price: Starting at INR 99 for one packet

    Featured image courtesy: Navni Kumar

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