From Dry To Super-Oily: This Brand Has All Types Of Hair & Skin Needs Covered

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What Makes It Awesome

When I say this brand’s products are natural, I mean really, really natural. Priyanka started Myoho, her skincare brand, literally from her kitchen. When she started getting more and more orders online, she shifted to a manufacturing unit. Now, she’s pretty much killing it in the beauty game; she understands that not everyone wants to spend ages on their skincare routines and everyone starts at different stages so her mission is to help ‘revive’ skin and hair through her products that are a blend of ayurvedic and modern sciences.

The products aren’t one-size-fits-all because hey, all of us have different skin types which I liked. I have dry-combination skin so I got the Illuminati Powder Cleanser; I’ve never tried a powdered face wash before so I was excited to try it out. It was cleansing for sure but not super gentle on my skin so I think I’ll end up using it more like a face mask. I also got one of their bestsellers, the Luxurious Glow Serum which I’ve made a regular feature in my skincare routine; it’s super moisturising and you can even mix it in your foundation for a more glowing base. I’m a sucker for lip balms so I got the coffee flavoured one which does its job well enough. The shampoos are divided on the basis of natural and coloured hair so I got the regular Good Hair Day shampoo which was my favourite out of all the things I got. It smelled really nice and it didn’t strip my hair of its natural oils so it didn’t feel rough at all.

Their skincare range is more elaborate compared to haircare, they have eye creams and exfoliants, toners and mists, facial gels and a lot more so you’re likely to find something that’ll work for your skin type. 

Price: INR 280 for the lip balm, INR 975 for the Luxurious Glow Serum, INR 750 for the powder cleanser,  INR 795 for the shampoo

What Could Be Better

I found the website a little tough to navigate when random pop-ups would open and couldn’t be exited. 


If you know exactly what issue you’re dealing with, check out their combo packs that range from acne care kits to frizz control and even a rose gold kit!


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