Mystery Rooms: Real-Life Escape Games To Jar You Into Action

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What Makes It Awesome

Mystery Rooms is Delhi NCR’s first live escape game; the real-life version of the popular online “Escape the Room” games, where two to eight people are locked inside a mysterious space for an hour, with the sole motive of escaping before time runs out.

As the four of us made our way into this one-of-a-kind experience, we had very little idea of what to expect. We were told that in this challenging race against time, we would have to use logic to solve puzzles, find clues to further puzzles and prove our mettle and teamwork. Safe to say, we were pretty blindsided as soon as we entered the labyrinth of hidden clues and association games. 

Mystery Rooms was started by three adventure enthusiasts and gaming geeks: Shikhir Bhutani, Prateek Panjwani and Sapna Bhutani, who bring their expertise in tech, architecture and human psychology to create an atmosphere of pure rush and sometimes, terror.

You can expect tunnels, clues, and a ticking clock that pumps your adrenaline even further (pick from rooms of horror, action, thrills, and murderers). Re-enact your favourite thrillers and action movies, but also, get ready to work those brain cells to move ahead in the game.

We recommend this game for family outings, friendly meet-ups, and corporate team-building exercises. A con? You might get pretty mad at a teammate who’s slowing you down. We tried the Kohinoor room and were pretty floored by the end of it.

Choose a difficulty level and room that corresponds to your tastes. 

Price: Starting at INR 600 – INR 1,000 per person (price varies according to the team size and day of the week)


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