A Naan Stop Binge At Sanjay Chur Chur Naan

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Every nook and cranny in the Amar Colony area has some great food to offer, and one of them is Sanjay Chur Chur Naan. This spot serves some super-stuffed chur chur naans, along with a killer range of lassis to go with them.

Chow Down

Gobhi Naan, Mix Veg Naan

Sip On

Mango Lassi, Gur Ki Lassi

Winning For

The naans are clear winners here; they’re not just stuffed well, but are also served with daal makhani, choley and raita. The service is insanely fast, too {we got served under five minutes of placing the order}.

Naan Can Do It Better

From a mere stall to a full-fledged business, this place has risen on pure popularity and promise of great taste. While it does face considerable competition from various stalls around the area, Sanjay Chur Chur Naan stands out for its superb fillings and prices. One full plate of naans is a complete meal, and you really don’t have to wait a lot for your food to arrive, either.

We tried almost all the options available here, and zeroed in on the gobhi naan and mix veg naan as our favourites. Packed with spices and served hot, the paranthas here are incomplete if you don’t have at least one glass of the lassi they offer. While each lassi is pretty great, the mango and gur variants are the best.

If lassi feels too heavy with the naans, you could try out the chaach, which is pretty good, too. The kulfi is also a worthy end to the satisfying meal they serve.

So, We’re Thinking…

When visiting Amar Colony or just crossing by Moolchand metro station, make sure to drop by and try these naans. You are bound to love their offerings, and if you do, make sure to let us know.


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