Take The Kids To This Museum For A Fun Day Learning About Science

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What Makes It Awesome

We all know at least one child, be it your own or cousins or a niece/nephew, who has scientific questions (from why the sky is blue to how to build a rocket) that make you wish you had paid more attention during those science classes. Now, you may not have the answer to all these questions, but you can take them to the National Science Centre in Pragati Maidan to have all these questions answered (and more!).

The National Science Centre has a stellar collection of galleries based on the importance of water, the evolution of humans, and even the future of technology. The aim is to teach the kiddo everything from the beginning of time (as we know it) to how the future may look. If the kids want something more interactive, like activities, there’s plenty of those planned too. They have a gigantic globe that lights up to become a representation of Earth, and it shows how the seasons change, explains the different kinds of climate, and makes you understand the bonding between humans and nature.

We think the kids will also love the Taramandal show that is essentially a portable planetarium in a large, inflatable dome! Moreover, they have 3D films on various topics from the stars to the dinosaurs that are fun, because it’s an immersive experience and we’re sure the kids and you will enjoy it equally. 

The National Science Centre is open from 10 AM - 5:30 PM on all days and has ample parking space available in its complex. They charge INR 50 (up to four hours) for both 4-wheelers and 3-wheelers, and INR 25 for 2-wheelers. If you wish to travel by metro, then Pragati Maidan is the nearest metro station.


The general entry ticket for National Science Centre is INR 60 and for students (organised school group) it is INR 25. Entry tickets for the shows are pretty varied, so we suggest that you look up their website for a more exhaustive list.