Navya's Uber Cute Home Decor Items Are The Perfect Gift For Your Sweethearts

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A glimpse inside the Navya store will have you looking at bright and flowery crockery, trays, cushions and a bunch of trinkets for your home. If you’re looking for a house warming gift for someone, the shop is worth a look-see.

What Makes It Awesome

A look around the crowded space at Navya had us eyeing their plates and platters with greed – a large ceramic one with an equally large sunflower printed on it, in particular. Flower motifs seem to be everywhere and we couldn’t help but feel we were in a somewhat Indianised Victorian tea house. You can even score an old style tea pot and tea cups here, and play hostess (or host) at your very own high tea party.

Apart from flowers, another recurring theme is butterflies. You’ll find these on cookie jars, plates, bowls, vases, clocks and garden accessories. Other knick knacks include brocade bottle covers in different designs, trays featuring chevron as well as animal prints, coasters, mirrors, mini rickshaw showpieces, antique telephones, tissue boxes, bookends and mason jars.

What Could Be Better

In our observation, we couldn't find a lot that would fit inside a bachelor pad. In other words, men (or even women) who prefer their home embellishments to be plain, subtle and simple may have some trouble finding things that suit their style. 


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