At This New Cafe In Gurgaon, Everything On The Menu Is For INR 89 Or Less

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The Layman’s Cafe in Sector 4, Gurgaon promises to be a place for everyone, with  pocket-friendly prices, casual seating and cups of chai.

Keep It Simple, Silly

With a menu that focusses solely on snacks and beverages, The Layman’s Cafe has a unique premise. By keeping prices as low as possible, this new-in-town joint will always have a snack for you. A great place for quick-bites and pick-me-up cups of coffee, you can munch on a simple patty for INR 19. If you’d like something a little bit more filling, choose from burgers, omelettes, different kinds of Maggi or burgers. We also like the sound of their Fizzy Shots {super refreshing on a hot day} in flavours like Kala Khatta.

No-frills, the ambience is laid-back with jute and bamboo chairs, a few tables and the billing counter. Not for a fancy date, The Layman’s Cafe makes a great stop-over if you find your tummy rumbling and Google Maps painted red with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

So, We're Saying...

Even end-of-the-month money woes won’t get in the way of a filling snack at The Layman’s Cafe.


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