If you’ve ever been trusted with an heirloom piece, or been given a hand me down watch from generations before you, you know the joys of a little something vintage. In a world where there’s no dearth of fashion accessories, restored products or embellishments with a story always mean more, and hey, are always great conversation starters. Absynthe Design, one of the few ambassadors of Steampunk Fashion in the city, will deliver on all aforementioned counts.

Having stumbled upon them at one of the many recent Christmas melas/exhibitions/markets/bazaars, we can’t help but gush endlessly about their refreshing aesthetic, mega fine detailing, and the use of old, vintage watches and typewriters. It’ll remind you immediately of a Sherlock Holmes esque era, of pocket watches, hight hats, corsets, double breasted waistcoats, and swimming goggles that worked as sunglasses. {That’s a trend we should bring back}. Absynthe uses machine parts, old time pieces, and typewriters to re create furnishing accents, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pens, lamps, lighting installations, Nintendo Game Boys, brooches, cufflinks, and doing a double memory innuendo, USB drives. Each product is carefully handcrafted using parts of watches, machines, or vintage products in their entirety. We’re already the proud owners of a long chained, delicate pendant, made from parts of a time machine. The vintage light installations, steampunk cufflinks and the best of all, restored Nintendo Game Boys are next on our wish list. The typewriter, redesigned with light bulbs as a lamp is just, everything. What really stands out is the intricate detailing, the apparent fragility, and the genius with which waste is restored and recycled. The idea behind the brand is to create a legacy, and transform and restore erstwhile products into new designs and keepsakes.

Just in case no grandparent left you anything, or the only thing you know you’ve inherited for life is big hips, Absynthe will give you something stellar to gift yourself.

Notes in Our Little Black Book |

Absynthe Design is perhaps one of the few advocates of steampunk fashion, where they use parts of/entire vintage products, time pieces and keep sakes to create jewellery, home accessories, and heirloom pieces. Special shout out to the pendants modelled out of parts of a watch.

Where: To view their collection, and place an order, click here. 

Price: On request