By Rashi Wadhera

As women, we’re well versed with the many, many, many bag labels and brands available for us to spend some money on. But, at the risk of sounding trite, ever so often a label circles the vicinity of being our new favourite find. When this happens, we’re masters at coming up with a completely valid void this particular bag will fill. Hopefully, you won’t need to make excuses for Square Loop, or reason your way into buying one of their stunning, structured and simple styles.


Founded and designed by Kanika Sachdeva, Square Loop debuted its first capsule collection along with clothing label Bodice at Wills India Fashion Week, early last year. Each bag is understated and made of genuine leather, yet boasts functionality with its size, neutral colour palettes, and wearability across looks and trends. The bags explore different elements of closures {how to fasten your bag shut}, using loops, rolled in techniques, and a variety of hardware. You’ll notice a lot of layering in Square Loop’s aesthetic, and in our opinion, this keeps the bag from looking too simple. We’re crushing on the mahogany brown and grey, boxy messenger meets doctor bag, and the grey meet beige two toned tote. If you’re on a backpack binge this season, Square Loop does a line of interestingly shaped backpacks, in neutral colours, with tiny straps on the side for the sake of embellishment.

Where: Square Loop is available exclusively on

Price Point: Between INR 7,500 and 14,000