Yum Yum Cha |
                                                                                                                      Image courtesy: The Yum Yum Tree

Yum Yum tree has our tuesdays. But, like any great hospitality crew, they’re trying to take care of the rest of our days as well, and not even at the same venue. Yum Yum Tree is opening a second restaurant, and this one is also staying in the vicinity of the orient. Yum Yum Cha, slated to open by the end of the month/first week next month, will feature a dim sum and sushi menu, alongside many noodle options {can we smell a ramen?}. Rumour has it that this one will be easy on the pocket {and palate hopefully}, and will let creativity extend beyond the food; you can expect interesting origami installations/displays. If there is origami, it’s fair to anticipate a ramen. Stay tuned for more details as the weeks pass on by.

Where: Select Citywalk Mall, Saket

Zehen |

Us Dilliwaalas are fairly unanimous in our opinion of Indian Accent. It hits it out of the park, every time, all the time. And credit goes to one man, Manish Mehrotra. Ever the innovator, he’s expanding his repertoire, and that’s the only expansion he’s aiming for. He’s now curated a wellness menu for the brand new Zehen, also located in The Manor. Zehen is modelled as a wellness centre, and includes a state of the art gym, complemented by a menu following the nutritional principles of Ayurveda. The thought behind this menu is a sustainable lifestyle, more than a calorie counted meal. So, the focus is on eating right, and not so much on eating less. Don’t be thinking of a bowl of steamed vegetables; think of the genius of Indian Accent, channelized in a healthy meal. We won’t play you, we’ll tell you. Expect brown rice kheer, lamb and quinoa biryani, gluten free uttapam pizza, and 297 other options. Zehen has one dining table and encourages a communal style of eating. The only catch is, you have to be either a member of Zehen or a hotel guest to be able to eat at Zehen. Sure sounds worth it to us.

Where: The Manor, 77 Friends Colony West; Contact: 011-43235151/011-43235100

Timings: 8am – 8pm

MunchBox | munchbox-late-night-delivery-delhi-malviya-nagar

There’s another late delivery service in town, and they’re aiming to deliver. On their promises. MunchBox open for business at 7.30pm, and stays open till 3.30am. On their menu, you’ll find a suitor for every type of craving you have after hours. They have the regular Indian offerings – butter naans, murgh makhanwala, daal makhani, tikkas and kebabs. They’ve taken the Indian a step further, and have Rajasthani laal maas, and a rendition of chettinaad prawns. Under the foreign banner, you can expect ten kinds of Hot Dogs {uh-oh Twenty Four Seven}, wings, burgers {a Juicy Lucy if you please} and pastas. What stands out for us, is their organic menu. All too often we end up eating badly in the middle of the night, and sometimes it’s because of a lack of options {and others, it’s just will power}. MunchBox is doing a range of fresh salads made from organic vegetables, with preservative free dressings and aromatic herbs. What’s your excuse now?

Contact: 011-46566661, +91 9811551122

To view their menu, and some very tempting pictures, follow them on Facebook here. 

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited since it was first published.