By Aseem Kulkarni

It’s lunch time at the office. While your colleagues waste time going through takeaway menus and numbers, or microwaving last night’s leftovers,  you could be enjoying a custom meal, all thanks to FoodPort India.

Online ordering seems to be taking over Delhi, and we here at LBBD couldn’t be happier for the convenience. Prateek Soni and Aman Gupta, founders of FoodPort India, seem to be all set to up the ante of the online delivery space, today a far cry from the days of Pizza Hut and Dominoes. With FoodPort India, you can pick and choose from three cuisines: regional Indian, Oriental, and Continental. And if you don’t feel the need to order lunch, FoodPort also offers breakfast, dinner, and snacks, so anytime eating is just a click {well, a few anyway} away! Along with customised meals, FoodPort can also arrange contract meal plans for businesses, as well as for individuals.

FoodPort India is set to launch very soon, so keep up with them through their website and facebook.

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