You may consider expletives the domain of Haryana drivers, but we’ll give Delhi due credit for this one. This Hauz Khas star comes to this side of the toll, guns blazing, speakers blaring, and ready to challenge the burger quo.

We love that it’s still got some of the good stuff from the original location – not just warm wooden interiors and suave leather seats that any place taking its meat seriously warrants, but also a solid playlist, and perfectly chargrilled onion rings! We’ve been fans of the Burnt Mushroom Soup for ages, and the generous portions of steak. They don’t have the build-a-burger model that we’ve seen in Hauz Khas, but we’re sure if you ask nicely, you’ll get it exactly how you like it.

In that rare instance when we actually draw attention away from food, we suggest giving their ingeniously infused cocktails a try. Check their Facebook page for the entertainment line-up, or simply line up at the door for what promises to be a great forkin’ evening.

Where: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Contact: +91-88822 88852 / 62 / 72

For more information: Click here