If there ever was a legitimate reason to show off your more famous relatives in the city, this just might be it. The famous Prince Pan from G.K. makes its way to Gurgaon!

For those who love their paan, there really is no substitute. No Polo, no Chlormint, no Happydent, no questionably laced saunf will do, when Kalkatta Sada is on your mind. Prince Paan has been king in this department, for as long as most Delhiites can remember. Their regular paans are special enough, without even taking the special paans into consideration. Gurgaon now gets the royal treatment, with Prince having set up shop on Golf Course Road. Their legendary Chocolate Paan is made fresh on location, as well as their almost famous Nimbu Masala Paani.

In more good news, this tiny stall also takes on the task of home delivery for orders over INR 300, and within a 4km radius of the shop. We’re loving this version of Two Princes – this one it seems, does indeed adore you, so go ahead now!

Where: Ground Floor, Central Plaza Mall {the one with Berco’s & Mainland China}, Sector 53, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Call for home delivery: +91-9599669599

Prices: INR 30 for regular Saada & Meetha, INR 50 for specials like Chocolate Paan & Crunchy Paan, hookah paraphernalia as per product.